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Best Cocktails in Cartagena

by Nicole Schmidt |

My favorite cocktails in the city

• Alquímico: Beautiful Bar in a gorgeous 4 story mansion, with one of the best rooftops and mixology cocktails in town. Don’t miss out their infused rum!

• Le Baron: Best bar for sure for amazing cocktails, great view sit outside facing the San Pedro Church or enjoy the cool a/c and fun music inside!

• Demente: In Getsemani (no dancing), but great rooftop that opens up. You can smoke Cuban cigars inside. Perhaps go to Demente first for a drink, then walk over to Havana salsa nightclub which is on the same street.

• Bonche Gastropub & Bar in Getsemani: Hands-down some of the best cocktails in Cartagena and for a very reasonable price. Very cozy and interesting atmosphere. A great place to enjoy good drinks and food with friends.