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The best Cartagena beaches

by Nicole Schmidt |

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Cartagena does not have beautiful beaches. You definitely want to visit:
Playa Blanca  is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cartagena. Surrounded by white sands and crystal clear blue water, you’ll feel as if you’ve arrived in paradise. Being so popular, this beach often tends to be noisy, crowded with tourists, vendors and boats. A few minutes away by foot, however, you will find the beautiful beach Playa Tranquila, which possesses the equally enchanting natural beauty of Playa Blanca while maintaining a naturally peaceful atmosphere for the perfect beach getaway.
The Rosary Islands are the real heaven on earth, this group of islands conjure dreams of paradise! Their beauty is defined by the luminous aquamarine water adorned with coral reefs, fishes, starfish and endless wildlife that will delight your senses. Diving, snorkeling, fishing or simply relaxing are activities completely rewarding. Rent a private yacht or boat and lose yourself in a world of tropical beauty.